Digital Asset System

A Value Transformer

DAS is a finacial reserve solution for the Quarkonium ecosystem for most digital assets (dasset) in terms of registration, reference, transformation, etc.

How to Use

DAS solution provides a WYSIWYG tool to deal with hashed dasset in a certain reserve system.

Dassetization, different from digitalization or digitization, is a key concept usually used in DAS. Basic processes as follow:

Dassetizing DAS

» Activating DAS in Dasset Emulator
» Initiating Genesis Reserve in DAS
» Configuring Reserve Instances

Validating Market Instances

» Approving Market Instances
» Registering Market Instances

Validating Circle Instances

» Configuring Autonomy of Regulation » Launching the Autonomy based Blackbox


» Signing
» Depositing
» Margin Locking
» Registration
» Hashing
» Endowing and Pricing
» Amortization
» Centrifuging
» Deregistration
» Release

Get Started

Visit Quark Cloud to register a DID and start your journey!


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