Quarkonium is a cyberspace constitution of the cryptonomics on an unstoppable distributed ledger network. This developer guide supposes the readers have basic knowledge or experience of the following tools or techniques:


Quarkonium deploys a public POS blockchain as the backbone of the system's infrastructure.

Algorand (Quark Mainnet)


The Algorand is the first generation Quarkonium decentralized distributed ledger network, a public POS blockchain.

AIPs (Improvement Proposals)


The AIPs is open to the Quarkonium ecosystem and other compatible cyberspace communities to improve the Algorand blockchain. It runs a mechanism of opensource autonomy via git version control.

Engine (Blockchain Engine)


The Engine adopts web 3.0 techniques to bridge between the Quarkonium ecosystem and the Algorand blockchain. It supports pseudo perpetual motion mechanism by peer-to-peer networking.

Explorer (Blockchain Explorer)


The Explorer provides a UI monitoring of the Algorand blockchain. It is particularly useful for cyberspace communities outside Quarkonium ecosystem.


Quarkonium develops emulators to be adopted to implement cryptonomies in the cyberspace. Constitutional facilities are defined and enriched in the emulators.

Developers can test proof of concept according to interpretations and prototypes on Quark Cloud, a platform to access digital asset world, to kick start Dapp development for their Quarkonium instances.


Dasset is a core emulator to define digital asset entropy in the system. Dassetization is the core concept to build those constitutional facilities. As a foundation, Dasset project also provides various frameworks based on a distributed ledger to co-build the Quarkonium ecosystem.


Allbot is a core emulator to define digital productivity logics in the cyberspace cryptonomics. Allbotization is the core concept to build decentralized utilities and facilities.


Quarkonium Foundation initiates several proof of concept (PoC) projects.

POC Description
Quarkonization q12n, a constitutional cyberspace, a 'BaaS' smart cloud
Babylonization b12n, an institutional cyberspace, a federal system
Dassetization d11n, a financial cyberspace, a 'web 3.0' digital space
Allbotization a11n, a maker cyberspace, a digital remote controller
Tokenization t10n (coin), implements the PoC of the utilities token system.
Internet of Value Value At Space Time (Vᵃˢᵗ), implements the PoC of Internet of Value.
Intention Economy Interstellar Intention Internet (I³), implements the PoC of Intention Economy.


Quarkonium Project provides a cookbook for developers to set up a 0-to-1 quarkonium hand by hand.

You should have a digital identity (DID) before you start using Quarkonium. If you do NOT have one, please request a new one at Quark Cloud.

Smart Cloud

Quark Cloud is a smart cloud of distributed ledger technology (DLT) for developers to deploy their own cryptonomies with the preset Quarkonium constitution.

Infrastructural facilities are built-in modules and components in the smart cloud. Quarkonization is the core concept to implement infrastructures of the quarkonium. Developers can access the 'BaaS' based smart cloud service to experiment PoC and develop the cryptonomics.

Installation & Deployment

Create and run your own quarkonium node in the smart cloud:

$ ssh yourId@cloud.quarkonium.org
$ sudo docker pull quarkonia/yourId
$ sudo docker run -d -p 8888:8888 --name quarkonia-yourId -it quarkonia/yourId

Note: yourId here is your digital identity (DID).

Now, you can test at http://yourId.cloud.quarkonium.org

Get Circle Working

Developers are able to expand Quarkonium instances concurrently by creating or joining Circle, the core concept to build communication scenes in the Quarkonium ecosystem. A set of APIs, named QPI, is provided to link social networking systems into the Quarkonium instances. A pool of built-in application frameworks and toolkits are also available for implementation in the Quarkonium nodes.

Get Interstellar Connecting

Communication among Quarkonium instances is called Interstellar. Users in a quarkonium are NOT necessary to know how other Quarknium nodes are running, but can propose intentions in various forms via the infrastructural and constitutional facilities or other OTT (over the top) applications.

Cryptonomic Space

Quark Space is a platform of Quarkonium cryptonomies. It provides one-stop experience for users to explore the cyberspace constitution. Propagated Cirlce instances and promoted Dapps show activities and entrypoints in this digital asset management platform.

User Guide.


Quarkonium Foundation pioneers the development of institutional and constitutional facilities as prototypes for system implementation and customization.

Facility Description
DID Digital Identity, an omni identification solution for the Quarkonium system and other compatible cyberspace systems.
DOT Digital Omni Terminal, an infrastructural facility and a customized command line terminal for the Quarkonium system.
BAO Blockchain Asset Omnificence, a build-in Dapp engine tool to interact with the blockchain infrastructure.
BIX Blockchain Information Exchange, a built-in protocol engine tool to interact with the blockchain infrastructure.
DAO Digital Asset Omnificence, a build-in value transmission tool throughout the lifecycle of any digital asset (dasset).
DAP Digital Asset Platform, an exchange solution of cross-platform marketplaces to reflect the system's transvaluation.
DAS Digital Asset System, a finacial reserve solution for digital asset (dasset) in terms of registration, transformation, etc.


Quarkonium Foundation leads the foundation projects to initiate the ecosystem by launching the blockchain genesis. Afterward progress depends on volunteer or for-profit project collaboration.

Quark Cloud - Smart Cloud


Quark Cloud is the Quarkonium's branded smart cloud, a smart contract based 'BaaS' image hub. The Quarkonium Foundation unveils the Quark Cloud to the open source community to support the ecosystem and neutrality. Each implementation / instance is able to run in the smart cloud, a decentralized storage and interconnection solution, or in an alternative decentralized network.

Dasset Project - Value Emulator


Dasset is the Quarkonium's constitutional Dapps emulator tailored with a distributed ledger. It is a financial system of the Quarkonium ecosystem.

Allbot Project - Productivity Emulator


Allbot is the Quarkonium's constitutional Dapps emulator with a full-stack architecture. It is an Internet operating system of the Quarkonium ecosystem.



Open Sources